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Csaba VARGA: Theory of Law (2012)

A collection of papers relating Theory of Law originally published between 1973 and 2009 ON PHILOSOPHiSING AND THEORISING IN LAW treating topics like ‘Legal Philosophy, Legal Theory – and the Future of Theoretical Legal Thought’ [2006] / ‘Legal Ontology’ [1999] / ‘Law and History: On the Historical Approach to Law’ [1999] / ‘Law as History?’ [1986] / ‘Validity’ [1999] / ‘Ex post facto Legislation’ [1999], ON CONCEPTUALISING BY LOGIFYING THE LAW involving topics like ‘Rule and/or Norm: On the Conceptualisability and Logifiability of Law’ [2003] / ‘Legal Logic and the Internal Contradiction of Law’ [2004] / ‘The Quest for Formalism in Law: Ideals of Systemicity and Axiomatisability between Utopianism and Heuristic Assertion’ [1973] / ‘Law and its Doctrinal Study (On Legal Dogmatics)’ [2006], ON FORMS AND SUBSTANCE IN LAW dealing with problems such as ‘Structures in Legal Systems: Artificiality, Relativity, and Interdependency of Structuring Elements in a Practical (Hermeneutical) Context’ [2001] / ‘Goals and Means in Law’ [2003] / ‘Law, Ethics, Economy: Independent Paths or Shared Ways?’ [2004] / ‘Towards an Autonomous Legal Policy’ [1984], as well as ON PROCESSES OF LAW facing with ‘The Judicial Black-box and the Rule of Law in the Context of European Unification and Globalisation’ [2008] / ‘Doctrine and Technique in Law’ [2002] / ‘Theory and Practice in Law: On the Magical Role of Legal Technique’ [2006] / ‘Law, Understanding of Law, Application of Law (A Summary of Developments in Thirty-six Paragraphs)’ [2007], with a paper in APPENDIX on ‘Legal Theorising: An Unrecognised Need for Practicing the European Law’ [2009]


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