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Standing Tall; Hommages à Csaba Varga (ed. Bjarne Melkevik, 2012)

Bjarne Melkevik Standing Tall: Hommages à Dr. Csaba Varga 9–14 / Roberto Andorno (Zürich) Intergovernmental Declarations Relating to Bioethics: Are they Legal in Nature or Merely Ethical? 15–23 / Marie-Eve Arbour (Québec, Laval) The Role of Comparatists within EU’s Private Law Making Process 25–37 / Stéphane Bauzon (Roma, Tor Vergata) Brain Death vs. Heart Death 39–42 / André Bélanger (Québec, Laval) From the Reification to the Re-humanization of the Contractual Bond? 43–59 / Jes Bjarup (Stockholm) The Concept of Validity: Some Remarks on the Theories of Carl Schmitt, Hans Kelsen and Alf Ross 61–78 / Jan M. Broekman (Pennsylvania, PennState) Moore’s Law and Law 79–95 / William Conklin (Windsor, Ontario) Lon Fuller’s Legal Structuralism 97–121 / Paulo Ferreira da Cunha (Porto) Natural Law & Fraternal Law 123–133 / Francesco d’Agostino (Roma, Tor Vergata) Natural Law, Positive Law, and the New Provocations of Bioethics 135–143 / Michael Fischer (Salzburg) The Cultural Context of Illness, Death and Transplantation 145–152 / Andreas Funke (Köln) Felix Somló’s Legal Philosophy: Content, Critique, Counterparts 153–163 / H. Patrick Glenn (Montreal) On the Origins of Peoples and of Laws 165–171 / Sercan Gürler (Istanbul) The Problem of Legal Indeterminacy in Contemporary Legal Philosophy and Lawrence Solum’s Approach to the Problem 173–182 / Yasemin Işıktaç (Istanbul) The Meaning of the Law: Limits and Possibilities 183–198 / Bernard S. Jackson (Manchester) Some Preliminary Observations on Truth and Argumentation in the Jewish Legal Tradition 199–207 / Zdeněk Kühn (Praha) Formalism and Anti-Formalism in Judicial Reasoning 209–226 / Maurizio Manzin (Trento) »Ordo civitatis«: The Birth of the City and the Urbanization of the Philosophical Landscape 227–233 / Bjarne Melkevik (Québec, Laval) Poetry as Resilience: Engaging Silence and Indifference 235–246 / Françoise Michaut (Paris, CNRS) Deconstruction as a Tool in American Legal Theory and Jurisprudence 247–259 / Hayrettin Ökçesiz (Antalya, Akdeniz) Sovereignty in a Seven-Trigeminus Construct Legal Culture Diagram Within the Frame of »Nomos–Physis« (Society–Culture–Nature) 261–266 / Peter Th. Ørebech (Tromsö) The Rebus sic stantibus through the Lenses of the Gabcikovo-Nagymaros and the Questech Cases 267–287 / Assya Ostroukh (Krasnodar, Kuban) Legal Philosophy in Russia 289–304 / Mehmet Tevfik Ozcan (Istanbul) Capitalism and the Rule of Law: The Three Stages of Legal Order in Modern Society 305–340 / Laura Palazzani (Roma, LUMSA) Biolaw and Ethical Pluralism 341–350 / Enrico Pattaro (Bologna) Jus, ratio and lex in some Excerpts of Aquinas 351–369 / Andrey Polyakov & Mikhail Antonov (Saint-Petersburg) Leon Petrazycki’s Legal Theory and Contemporary Problems of Law 371–381 / Sofia Popescu (Bucureşti, Institutul de Cercetări Juridice) Legal Culture: A Key Concept for Research on the European Integration of Law 383–396 / Federico Puppo (Trento) A Classical View on Law and Information Technologies 397–408 / Erich Schweighofer (Wien) Theory of Legal Informatics 409–416 / Alexander Somek (Iowa) Integration without Emancipation: Reflections on »Social Europe« 417–433 / Teruji Suzuki (Japan) Pluralistic Structure of Social Norms in Asia 435–439 / Gülriz Uygur (Ankara) Neutral Principles, Justice and Law 441–449 / Alfonsas Vaišvila (Vilnius, Mykolas Römeris) Human Dignity and the Right to Dignity in Terms of Legal Personalism: From the Conception of Static Dignity to the Conception of Dynamic Dignity 451–463 / Francesco Viola (Palermo) Legal Hermeneutics and Cultural Pluralism 465–481 / Jan Woleński (Kraków) Remarks on Legal Positivism 483–487

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