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Theatrvm legale mvndi; Symbola Cs. Varga oblata (ed. Péter Cserne, 2007)

Attila Badó & Mátyás Bencze ‘Reforming the Hungarian Lay Justice System’ / Chongko Choi ‘East Asian Encounter with Western Law and Emergence of Asian Jurisprudence’ / Lajos Cs. Kiss ‘Karl Mannheims Rezeption in Ungarn’ / Péter Cserne ‘How to Use Philosophy, Economics and Psychology in Jurisprudence: The Case of Paternalism in Contract Law’ / Jørgen Dalberg-Larsen ‘Policy of Law and Codifications’ / Péter Erdő ‘Kirchenrechtliche Aspekte der Bischofssynode’ / Carla Faralli ‘Challenges in Contemporary Legal Philosophy’ / Balázs Fekete ‘In the Matrix of Global Governance: Reflections on the Transformation of Statehood in the Age of Global Governance’ / Volkmar Gessner ‘Regulation and Support: International Business in a Global Legal Culture’ / Christopher Berry Gray ‘Kelsen’s Kairos: The Secessinary Moment and Its Validation’ / Tamás Győrfi ‘Jurisprudence of Reasons? The Dworkin–Schauer Debate’ / István H. Szilágyi ‘Barna Horváth’s Genius’ / András Jakab ‘Critical Remarks on Alexy’s Theory of Principles’ / János Jany ‘Legal Pluralism in Islamic and Jewish Law during their Formative and Classical Period’ / András Karácsony ‘Legal Hermeneutics in German Jurisprudence’ / Keziban Kiliç & Máté Paksy ‘À la recherche du meilleur droit possible: Trois aspects de l’ontologie juridique leibnizienne’ / Peter Koller ‘Die Idee sozialer Gleichheit’ / Miklós Könczöl ‘Justice to Future Generations and the Problem of Uncertainty: Some Communitarian Approaches’ / David Nelken ‘Legal Culture, Transnational Legal Processes and Conformity’ / Vittorio Olgiati ‘The Preamble of the Treaty that Institutes a Constitution for Europe: A Question of Virtual Reality’ / Esin Örücü ‘Some Problems and Pitfalls in Researching Law in Foreign Jurisdictions’ / Marijan Pavčnik ‘The Rule of Law Arguments: Its Elements and Some Open Questions and Cases’ / Zoltán Péteri ‘Droit et culture: Aux origines de la comparaison des cultures juridiques’ / Béla Pokol ‘Einbeziehung der Herrschaftsdimension in die Luhmannsche Systemtheorie’ / Jiri Priban ‘From the Spirit of the Laws to the Politics of Identity: A Critique of Ethno-nationalist Fantasies and their Legalisations’ / Nikolas H. M. Roos ‘Theodicee: God Guilty as Charged?’ / Juan Igartua Salaverría ‘Some Cautionary Observations with Regard to the Judicial Evaluation of »Scientific Evidence«’ / Mihály Samu ‘Collective Rights of Minorities and their Quality as Constituent of the State’ / Marie Sandström ‘The Swedish Model: Three Aspects of Legal Methodology’ / József Szabadfalvi ‘Prima Philosophia Iuris: A Sketch of Bódog Somló’s Legal Philosophical Oeuvre’ / Miklós Szabó ‘Propositions in Law’ / Péter Szilágyi ‘Zum Verhältnis der Rechtstheorie und der Verfassungsgerichtsbarkeit in Ungarn’ / Péter Takács ‘Der Begriff des Gemeinwohls’ / Szilárd Tattay ‘Ius and Dominium in Thomas Aquinas’ / Jean-Marie Trigeaud ‘Immutabilité et changement dans le politique et le droit’ / Antal Visegrády ‘The Developmental Tendencies of the National Legal Systems in the European Union’ / Gordana Vukadinović & Ágnes Kartag-Ódri ‘Tendencies in the Contemporary Theory of Law in Serbia’ / János Zlinszky ‘Römisches Recht: Beispielsammlung für Rechtsphilosophie’ // ‘Bibliography of Csaba Varga’s Works’

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