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Csaba VARGA’s Bibliography / Чаба ВАРГА Библиография

Csaba VARGA’s Availability OnLine / VARGA Csaba OnLine hozzáférhetősége

References to Csaba VARGA / Csaba VARGA’s Presence in Libraries Worldwide

Csaba VARGA’s series of Jogfilozófiák and Philosophiae Juris


Codification as a Socio-historical Phenomenon (1991/2011)

The Place of Law in Lukács’ World Concept (1985/2012)

Theory of the Judicial Process The Establishment of Facts (1995/2011)

Paradigms of Legal Thinking (1999/2012)

Law and Philosophy (1994) / Études en philosophie du droit (1994) / Rechtsphilosophische Aufsätze (1994)Право Теория и философия (1994)

Transition to Rule of Law On the Democratic Transformation in Hungary (1995) / Transition? To Rule of Law? Constitutionalism and Transitional Justice Challenged (2008)

Comparative Legal Cultures On Traditions Classified, their Rapprochement & Transfer, and the Anarchy of Hyper-rationalism, with Appendix on Legal Ethnography (2011)


Sur les transferts juridiques (2011)

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