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VARGA: Transition? To Rule of Law? (2008)

Transition? To Rule of Law? Constitutionalism and Transitional Justice Challenged in Central & Eastern Europe (Pomáz: Kráter 2008) 292 [PoLíSz sorozat könyvei 7]

TOWARDS A TRANSITION TO RULE OF LAW   Radical Change and Unbalance of Law in a Central Europe under the Rule of Myths, not of Law [1996] / Legal Scholarship at the Threshold of a New Millennium in the Central and Eastern European Region [1997] /  Rule of Law: Imperfectly Realised, or Perfected without Realisation? [2000] / Rule of Law – at the Crossroads of Challenges [2001] / Rule of Law, or the Dilemma of an Ethos: to be Gardened or Mechanicised [2007]

THE BURDEN OF THE PAST   Why Having Failed in Facing with the Past? [2003] / Creeping Renovation of Law through Constitutional Judiciary? [2005] / What Has Happened and What Is Happening ever Since (To the Memory of Deportations to Forced Labour Camps at Hortobágy) [2005] / 1956 Judged by Ethics and Law, or the Moral Unity of the Law’s Responsiveness as a Post-totalitarian Dilemma [2006]

PERSPECTIVES   Failed Crusade: American Self-confidence, Russian Catastrophe [2002] / “Radical Evil” on Trial [2002] / Rule of Law between the Scylla of Imported Patterns and the Charybdis of Actual Realisations (The Experience of Lithuania) [2004]

WHAT CAN BE HOPED FOR NOW?   In Bondage of Paradoxes, or Deadlock at the Peak of the Law we have Created for Ourselves [2007] / At the Crossroads of Civil Obedience and Civil Disobedience [2007]

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